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National Bereavement Service is a not-for-profit company, which is committed to working closely with other individuals and organisations who also work with  bereaved people in various sectors such as charities, healthcare, retail, employee benefits, funeral services and financial institutions as well as the general public. One of our core values is maintaining close relationships with the organisational clients with whom we are in partnership.

We ensure we have the training and knowledge to assist anyone experiencing a bereavement to support them during this difficult journey.  We understand and value how different organisations and their services fit with ours to deliver extra support to their customers, clients and staff.

Our Bereavement Advisors are equipped with the training and expertise to work with callers to discern their needs, provide appropriate  information in response  and provide the necessary guidance to help them deal with the practical next steps following a bereavement and find emotional support if required.

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In Partnership With Organisations

National Bereavement Service can provide support and practical guidance to people facing a bereavement in your organisation (as well as for those people planning ahead in anticipation of their own deaths).

This is achieved with empathic listening and exploration of people’s needs; placing our expertise and experience within your organisation and signposting to professional services that may be of assistance to your employees and/or customers/clients only if we believe these to be an appropriate match to their need. We are honest and transparent about our areas of expertise and about how we are funded as an organisation. There is no charge to any individual member of the public for using our services. However, if you are an organisation in partnership with us there is a range of personalised support packages on offer which can be delivered for your employees and/or your customers/clients.

One of our core values is to be transparent with our professional partners.

We respond to all bereaved people needing information and advice on all topics, regardless of whether there may be a need for a commercial professional service, with the same degree of respect and level of information. Where appropriate we refer to government and charitable services that may be of assistance.


Our passion is to serve bereaved people with high quality services which do not exploit the fact that most commercial services needed at this difficult time in peoples’ lives are ‘at need’ purchases rather than those made by choice.


Our key staff members have years of experience in providing support to bereaved people in both private and public sectors in both legal and other services.

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Service Providers for our Partners

Legal, financial and other professional services – National Bereavement Service partners with Adroit Legal Services when referrals for professional services are made to ensure a smooth handover to organisations providing their commercial services with full consent and data protection safeguards. Adroit ensures these companies provide excellent services with rigorous service level agreements.


We are proud of our track record in providing an excellent service to both bereaved individuals and corporate partners. If you share our passion for providing professional and timely care for your bereaved staff/clients please contact Jean Watkins on 0800 0246 121 or email


NBS offers support, signposting and legal guidance following a bereavement, as well as offering guidance to anyone planning ahead in anticipation of their own death.

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