You should usually register the death of your loved one within 5 days if the person died in England, Wales or Northern Ireland (8 days in Scotland) at your local Registrar of Births Marriages and Deaths unless the coroner or procurator fiscal is involved.


If you cannot register within this time period, phone the registrar to explain the reason for the delay.       


You can also call one of our bereavement specialists on 0800 0246 121 for help.

England & Wales

Northern Ireland

Registration of a death takes at least half an hour. In many places you have to make an appointment to register. If you need to have an immediate funeral for faith or other reasons please explain this when you call the Registrar to make the appointment. They will understand the urgency of your request.

In most cases it should be a relative that registers the death, however there are circumstances others can do this, please consult with the registrar when you make your appointment. 

If you have been given the medical certificate stating the cause of death, you must take this to the registration appointment. If the coroner (or procurator fiscal) has been involved, you will be given information by their staff about when and how the death can be registered. You will need to know when and where the person who has died was born, if they have been married and to whom, their occupation (and husband/wife/civil partner’s occupation if applicable) and their most recent address. Take relevant documents if you have them but they are not essential. You may be asked for proof of your own identity.

In Scotland and Northern Ireland the forms may be slightly different from those listed below – the registrar will advise you.

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